August 03, 2007
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We ended up doing things in the traditional order, but if my endo had given me the green light when I hoped he would, there may have been a visible bump in my wedding photos :-)

Ah the joys of pregnancy oedema and house-hunting!

Just a little bump

Getting bigger... but where is Michael's head?

The best feeling in the world. First cuddle with Michaela.

Born before her suck reflex had developed, tube fed for two days, cup fed for two, both of us learning, this photo shows beloved six day old Michaela latching on.

Home from hospital at last! Me with my darling Michaela.

Blissed out on Daddy's chest

Seven months pregnant with bub 2. Michaela and me at our favourite local park. Photo taken by my good friend, James

Eight months into my second pregnancy... the blood glucose meter is never far away

Will's first day on planet earth

First tentative cuddle

One day I will manage to photoshop the breast pad out of this picture :-)

Dad and Will share a joke

Will's favourite hang out and our most well used piece of baby equipment, the sling.

snuggle, buggle, wuggle... my two boys

One of many raspberry blowing competitions



yummy, yummy

Not the smiliest of photos but at least we're all together!

Gerberas for sale! Photo taken late July 2007

Those two boys!

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What a gorgeous family! We have a lot in common - not only T1D - I'll be popping back to comment as I work my way through your blog. Not getting a lot of time at the computer with my little one year old girl who is not so into sleeping long during the day!

Hey Robyn!

Great to hear from you! Please do post some comments as I'd love to hear more from you and about what we have in common :-) With a blog like this its hard to know whether people are finding it useful or interesting so comments are just wonderful to get. I started keeping a diary for myself and hesitated for a long time publishing it for various reasons... didn't want to scare of newly diagnosed diabetics or upset people with controversial thoughts, publish 'too personal' material etc, so yeah, really appreciate your feedback.

Totally understand about getting time at the computer with a one year old :-)

all the best, Mary Anne

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