July 01, 2007
permalink Pregnancy and diabetes blogs and stories

If you would like me to link to your diabetes and pregnancy story please post the details below or email me at ma@type1mum.net. It is wonderful to see the number of stories and range of experiences growing.

Sweet Child of Mine Annie Berger's wonderfully detailed blog. She is 27 years old, has had diabetes for 12 years and she got the go-ahead to try for a baby from her endo in April 2010. Go Annie!

Annieka's story Anneika had her two bubs before she turned 30. I love the great tips she gives for breastfeeding with diabetes and the fact that she cites journal references.

Managing the Sweetness Within
Lyrehca's blog site chronicles her esperiences with fertility issues and IVF, her pregnancy, birth of her son in April 2007, and continues with her experience of new motherhood with type one diabetes.

Cathy Daelman's story from the Realitycheck web site

The Sweetest Thing - Vanessa's tales of pregnancy and mothershood with diabetes

Tu Diabetes Community's thread on pregnancy and type one diabetes
People post to this thread giving snippets about their own experiences. Includes links to a couple of pregnancy blogs and a yahoo group for women who are pregnant or trying to conceive with type one diabetes.

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