July 07, 2007
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If you've got any questions or feedback about anything I've written in this blog, please don't hesitate to post below or email me at ma@type1mum.net it would be great to hear from you! cheers, Mary Anne

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I have read up to yoga bliss and am totally engrossed in your wonderful engaging, witty, informative,wise and courageous writings. Unfortunately dinner is ready. Going away for weekend. Can't wait to read more.
Absolutely brilliant

I found a link to your site on Wikipedia. Thanks so much for your blog! It is very inspiring to hear that you could get your diabetes under such great control for 2 pregnancies and even keep your sense of humor. I am 35 years old and have type 1 diabetes, and have just gotten the ok from my endo to try to get pregnant. I am excited but also pretty worried about a number of things! It was wonderful to hear your story and to learn that you and your children are healthy. Thank you!

Thanks so much Sara, your comment really made my day! Good luck. I wish you all the best with your pregnancy and your journey into parenthood. It really is such an amazing experience. I'd love to hear from you again. Feel free to write with any questions, or with your own experiences either to this site or to me personally at ma@type1mum.net Take care, Mary Anne PS I promise to reply quicker than this :-)

I am excited to find your blog. I am a type I diabetic and have been for 14 years. Diagnosed when I was 20. I now have 2 kids. 7 months and 2 years old. Both were perfect, normal pregnancies. My first child was diagnosed with diabetes at 18 mths. He was soaking through his diapers and constantly wanted water. I knew those symptoms and tested him with my meter and sure enough he was over 600. I was told that there was a 2% chance my children would develop the disease. Now the odds go up with the second child to 12% for her to get this disease too. I was shocked my son developed the disease when he was so young (I was 20). I have been hearing the vaccinnes could have brought it out sooner and now I am scared to death to get my daughter vaccinated. The guilt is unbearable. I can also tell you that post pregnancy I can no longer feel the lows like I use too. Pretty scary being home with 2 babies. I have started with the Freestyle Navigtor and its been a life saver.

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