November 23, 2005
permalink Breastfeeding second time around

I found breastfeeding my daughter very rewarding and such a lovely thing to be able to do after those first couple of days of separation while she was in the special care nursery. I had breastfed her for 19 months and was very keen to breastfeed this bub too. For as long as he wished....

Mind you, I knew that having bub a bit early, being separated from him after the birth, and the possibility of me being unwell again, could interfere with breastfeeding. So I wanted to be as prepared as I could. Hoped to avoid the formula feeding that my daughter had been exposed to before the staff had even checked her blood sugar levels.

So off I went to see my trusty lactation consultant again. I also booked in a breastfeeding (and attachment parenting) friendly paediatrician to be at the birth.

I'm planning to collect some colostrum (early breastmilk) in advance as it will help to keep bub's blood sugars up in the first couple of days, especially if I am unable to feed from the breast straight away.

It's common for babies of diabetic mothers to have low blood sugar straight after birth and important to keep their blood sugar levels normal to prevent any damage to the brain occuring. This can often be done via breastmilk feeds (colostrum) but sometimes it's necessary to give extra food (via expressed breastmilk, formula or intravenous glucose drip).

After my first child was born, she was almost immediately fed formula. I was upset about this because I wanted to breastfeed and preferred her not to be given formula. This time I was determined that my child would not be fed cow's milk formula if at all possible. So was keen to take in a supply of my own expressed breast milk and to have some Neocate on hand (formula which contains only amino acids) to help keep my baby's blood sugar up if needed. I was also happy for the paediatrician to give my baby a glucose IV infustion if necessary. What I wanted most of all, was for my baby to be well enough and my medical team to be supportive enough, for me to be able to keep my baby with me rather than having him taken to special care.

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